With recreational marijuana already legal in some states, more and more states are fighting for the . Some are making significant steps while others have such a strong stand against legalization. Let us look at the states that will take a very long time to legalize marijuana:

Marijuana Legalization State by State

A quick look at history will teach us a few lessons here:

In 1933, the federal government lifted the prohibition on alcohol consumption. Some states like Mississippi continued to prohibit alcohol, even 3 decades later. You could not drink in a bar in the state of Kansas until 1987. Most of the counties in Kansas are still ‘dry’ or ‘semi-dry’ to date.

The lessons…

This example from history communicates very strongly. Even if Congress repealed prohibition of pot by the federal government, some states will never legalize it.

Factors to consider in legalization

Two factors can be used to determine the likelihood that a state will legalize marijuana:

– Public opinion

– Access to non-legislative political remedies

These two factors have to be present, at the same time, to create a pro-legalization environment. They are mutually dependent.

  1. Kansas

Well, this is no surprise. Kansas has proven to be very slow when it comes to legalizing drugs. Remember the 1987 lift against alcohol prohibition?

In a 2014 poll, only 31% of Kansas residents supported the legalization of cannabis. 33% further said its possession should be regarded as a felony. In April 2015, the residents of Wichita had voted for an initiative by the municipal for the decriminalization of weed. The state’s attorney general asked the Supreme Court to overturn it, almost immediately after the vote was cast.

  1. North Dakota

North Dakota, being an agricultural state, approved industrial hemp production. Well, maybe this is because they have seen how lucrative it is. Their Canadian neighbors seem to be reaping obscene profits.

Interestingly, the state’s residents are hesitant, when it comes to legalization. Their legislature shot down a bill aimed at a study on the legalization of medical marijuana. Efforts to put a medical marijuana initiative on the ballot were watered down. Only 47% of the populace supported medical marijuana. Only 24% of the residents supported legalization.

  1. South Carolina

The lawmakers in South Carolina introduced 2 bills in 2015: the legalization of medical marijuana and decriminalization of hemp. The bills have not been passed yet. Before this, the legislature had passed a no THC, high-CBD cannabis oil bill. A poll in July 2015 revealed that only 53% of the populace supported the legalization of medical marijuana.

  1. Utah

The only bill that has been passed in Utah is a no-THC, high-CBD oil bill. A poll in March 2015 showed that 72% of the population supported the legalization of medical marijuana. The legislature killed a medical marijuana bill, soon after, though.

The legalization of marijuana will take very long in some states. Where the population is more open to the concept, legislation waters this optimism down. Where legislation allows for the decriminalization of hemp, the population remains conservative. Borrowing from history, it is safe to conclude that cannabis will never be legalized in some places, even centuries later. The discussion is still centered on medical marijuana. What would happen if anyone brought put the issue of recreational marijuana? A public outcry, without a doubt.