ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems

ISO 9000 Family

The ISO 9000 family of standards deals mainly with the use of quality management systems to ensure that the customers and clients of an organization have their needs met. Over one million organizations are ISO 9000 certified world-wide, making it one of the most used standards created by the International Organization of Standardization. When organizations are ISO 9000 certified, they are telling their customers that they want to deliver quality products and services to them, as well as communicating that they have plans in place to ensure that quality is always managed and is one of the organization’s greatest concerns.

The ISO 9001: Quality Management Systems and Requirements

The largest part of the ISO 9001 standard is the creation and implementation of a quality management system. These systems are used to deliver quality products to customers and ensure that quality remains consistent.

In order to meet the requirements for the ISO 9001, an organization must create a booklet or document that describes every aspect of their quality management Asesoria en ISO 9001 system. A quality management system is really anything that the company or organization does to improve the quality of its products or services. Quality management systems usually entail improvement as time goes on.

The document must include the scope of the system and what it pertains to, as well as defining several terms so that every level of the organization can understand it. The document must also have a section that includes the layout of the system and a portion that is designated to management responsibility. A portion must also be included that outlines resource management in reference to the quality management system, and it must also include the ways that the system is measured and improved over time. The ISO 9001 also requires a quality manual or quality policy, both of which can be included in the document.

Internal Audits

Often times businesses need to audit themselves in order to ensure they are following their quality management system so their certification does not get stripped. Internal audits can be prescribed by any level of the organization and must follow the quality manual and document that were created. In some organizations, teams of internal auditors are trained to spot and correct certain violations of the ISO 9001 so that they are fixed before external audits are done.


There are several accreditation bodies located in several countries around the world that are able to provide certification for the ISO 9001, as well as several other ISO standards. These Certification Boards (CBs) are not technically legal entities, but they are often supported by local governments.

Benefits of Implementing Quality Management Systems

There are several benefits involved with creating a QMS. Not only has ISO 9001 compliance shown to increase customer loyalty and trust, but it has also been shown to increase efficiency and operational excellent in organizations. The ISO actually forces organizations to become more operationally efficient because they want to get certification. Organizations that are looking to increase their efficiency and are having problems with retaining clients or customers should consider implementing a QMS and acquiring ISO 9001 certification.

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Dog Training Technique and Clicker

In Clicker training the dog is first trained to associate the clicker sound with getting a treat, a pleasant experience. After the dog associates the click with getting a treat, the trainer has two options:

1. The trainer can wait until the dog voluntarily offers the desired behavior on his own, such as sit. When the dog sits, the trainer clicks, marking the end of the behavior, and reinforces the behavior with a treat.

This option works well with extroverted dogs that will offer a variety of behaviors in the hope that one of them will get them a treat. An introverted dog, on the other hand, may show little interest in the game. The “wait and see what happens” approach, depending on the dog, can be a lengthy process and extremely stressful for the dog – he may stop offering any behaviors and just lie down.

2. The trainer doesn’t have the time or patience to wait for the desired behavior to happen, so he induces the behavior. Again, in the case of the Sit, the trainer uses a treat to get the dog to assume the sitting position, and when Clicker Games the dog sits, the trainer clicks, marking the end of the behavior, and gives the treat. Obviously, this approach is much more efficient than waiting for the dog to offer the desired behavior on his own.

After the dog consistently offers the behavior of sitting, for which he is rewarded with a click and a treat, the trainer then adds a cue to the behavior, such as a command or signal, or both.

The trainer waits until he thinks the dog is going to sit and says/signals “Sit.” When the dog does, the trainer clicks and treats.

Now that the dog understands the cue of “Sit,” the trainer eliminates the click and treat when the dog offers the behavior on his own. If the trainer is looking for a different behavior, he may say “Wrong” or “Oops” to convey to the dog that he wants something else.

With a clicker the trainer can mark the end of the desired behavior with greater accuracy than he can with verbal praise, which means clearer communication with the dog. Although the dog does all the work, clicker training requires keen powers of observation and split-second timing to mark the end of the desired behavior and plenty of patience.

The ultimate object of any training is to have your dog respond reliably to your commands. Ideally, he responds to the first command. Telling your dog to do something and have him ignore you is frustrating. Think of Buddy’s response in terms of choices. Do you want to teach Buddy to think he has a choice of responding to you? We don’t think so. We think you want a dog that understands, after you have trained him, that he has to do what you tell him.